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Agile Hardware Development | Accelerate Design with Industrial CT

Engineers today face many complex issues from initial design up through production. With technology continuing to evolve it is imperative that today’s engineers stay familiar with all the tools that are available to help resolve even the most challenging issues.

Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Tomography (CT) have become a key tool for engineers from all industries to aid with these issues. There are many use cases but some of the most common include

- First Article Inspection

- Failure Analysis

- Quality Control

- Critical Measurements/Tolerances

- Product Testing

These are the some of the most common use cases, however we are continually finding new ways to utilize the benefits of digital radiography. Getting the most benefit from Computed Tomography (CT), which allows you to fully manipulate and visualize a 3D dataset. Think about the sample you are working on, how beneficial would it be to be able to take high resolution slices through the whole part? I have highlighted some of the key features of a complex assembly such as this action camera. (Industrial CT Scan of an small action camera)

Quality control is key in the medical device world and for good reason. The devices medical manufacturers work on play some key roles in life as we know it, so it is absolutely critical that these devices maintain the most stringent quality check outs. It can be particularly difficult to identify issues after these samples have been sealed in the enclosure that may be implanted into the body. I chose to feature a pacemaker, highlighting critical components in sustaining life. (Industrial CT Scan of a Pacemaker)

Across all industries engineers are continually being challenged with fitting more complex internals into smaller product designs. More specifically on the electro mechanical designs that most of us use in everyday life. Such as cell phones, wearable life monitors, and many other devices we rely on to maintain our lifestyles. With more complexity and smaller overall product size getting things to align or fit can be a major pain. We have had many customers feeling this pain and utilizing CT scanning have been able to help overcome these headaches. Below is a look inside of a smartphone for anyone that was wondering what it really looks like inside there. (Industrial CT scan of a mobile phone device)

If you are an engineer faced with a challenging issue we would be happy to discuss how CT scanning may be able to help resolve the issue you are facing. Based on CT imaging being a very visual technology, we offer 30min web demos to highlight some of the key capabilities, and address more technically your specific use cases.

Call 425-497-9729 to talk with our experts and schedule your web demo today!

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