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Weld & Casting Inspection

X-Ray & CT for Welds & Casts
NDT Welding and Cast Inspection

Industrial X-Ray is a widely accepted non-destructive testing method to inspect the integrity of welds. Delphi Precision Imaging is familiar with ASTM standards and helps you maintain quality in your welds and cast parts. 

Small Engine Casting

Using advanced analysis software, we are able process the CT scan data and map & quanitify porosity, segment & measure the waterjacket and detect & measure internal cracks.

This is a CT scan of a small engine casting that has been post processed with Volume Graphics software to map and measure porosity.
CT scan of a small engine casting where we used Volume Graphics software to segment and measure the internal waterjacket.
C5000 20170822 Aluminum Sm Engine Castin
2D slice of a CT scan of a small engine casting that has been post processed using Volume Graphics software to detect and measure an internal crack.
C5000 20170822 Aluminum Sm Engine Castin
Solder Void Inspection

Industrial CT scan of a valve shows solder voiding. Quality of solder flow can be viewed in 3-dimensions non-destructively. Imaging can be done with a full assembly without removing other parts.

CT scan of valve shows weld voiding.
CT scan of a red hat valve provides a 3D digital model of the part that can be sliced open on any plane to inspect weld voiding.
Weld Inspection

Industrial CT scan of a Aluminum pipe to sheet weld provides a highly detailed three dimensional volume that can be sliced on any of the x, y or z axis. 

Aluminum pipe welded to an aluminum sheet
2D slice of a CT scan performed to inspect the weld of an aluminum pipe to sheet
Valve Casting

Video shows the colorization option to highlight different densities. Digital slices can be taken on any x, y & z axis.  Customers may inspect take precise measurements, such as an armature gap inside a solenoid.

Multi material valves can be inspected using industrial CT services a Delphi Precision Imaging.
3-dimensional model created by CT scanning the part. The digital model can be sliced on any x, y or z axis for inspection purposes.
Casting -  2D Digital Radiography

Industrial DR allows our customers to inspect internal components and porosity in a cast part such as this valve.  With information achieved through DR, our customers can make design  and/or manufacturing process changes.

Digital radiography image of multi material valve.
2D image of valve casting shows porosity.

Weld -  Digital Radiography

DR is used to inspect a propane tank weld. Below we can see voids and areas of insufficient penetration.

Digital radiography of weld shows voiding.
2D inspection of weld.
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