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Medical Device Inspection Services

Medical Device X-ray Inspection

3D X-Ray inspection, known as computed tomography, is a powerful tool for the medical device manufacturing industry as engineers strive to meet the high-quality standards demanded in the industrial medical device inspection and approval process.


Internal details of intricate devices can be inspected and measured non-destructively at our service lab located in Seattle, Washington.

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Syringe Assembly

Delphi Precision Imaging uses high quality CT scanning equipment and tools to provide dimensional information about parts & assemblies. Using the Coordinate Measurement Module in Volume Graphics software, we are able to measure even the most difficult to access surfaces of this medical syringe assembly. 

CT scan data with histogram adjusted

CT scan data with histogram adjusted

Perform surface determination

Perform surface determination on CT scan data using Volume Graphics software

Segmentation of components

Segmentation of the components of a syringe assembly using Volume Graphics software

Create a CAD model for reverse engineer

We are able to create a CAD model for reverse engineer

Dimensional analysis of all internal features

Dimensional analysis of all internal features

Silicone Catheter

Using micro-CT and Volume Graphics software, we can:

  • inspection internal details and verify quality

  • obtain internal dimensional measurements

  • measure wall thickness of internal channels

image of silicone catheter
CT scan of catheter with internal dimensional measurements
CT scan & analysis of catheter showing internal channel deviations

Plastic Valve

After a part is CT scanned, our engineering team can post process the scan data using Volume Graphics and DesignX and provide results in a CAD friendly file.

high resolution CT scan of plastic valve

We begin with data from a high resolution CT scan

Level 1 Surface Mesh File (STL file)

STL of plastic valve using CT scan data

Level 2 Solid Surface (STEP file)

STEP file of plastic valve using CT scan data

Level 3 Feature Based CAD (Solidworks or STEP)

as CT scanned Solidworks model of plastic valve

Level 4 Design Intent CAD (Solidworks)

drawing for reverse engineer part done with CT scan
CT inspecton of medical pacemaker showing internal voiding
CT scan 3D model of medical pacemaker to inspect components

Pacemaker Implant

3D CT inspection of critical assemblies is a way to affirm an assembly is working properly prior to implant.

Nasal Spray Device CT

Industrial CT scan of a nasal spray device provides a highly detailed three-dimensional volume that can be sliced on any of the x, y or z axis. Voiding in one of the major seal regions can be seen in the image below. 

Post processing the CT data with Volume Graphics allows us to isolate individual components based on density for quality inspection, inspection of seals and reverse engineering.

Industial CT scan of a nasal spray device shows internal details without damaging the part.
CT scan shows void in seal area of a nasal spray device
CT scan with segmentation series for nasal device
nternal view of a nasal spray device with the internal components isolated by density allowing for inspection and reverse engineering

Prescription Medicine

X-ray inspection allows manufacturers to examine capsules even while still in the packaging. Imaging can provide details on pill composition, foreign materials, voiding, fill level and more. 

CT slice of a capsule
CT scan of pills in container

Prosthetic Leg

Industrial CT is being used to help the Department of Veteran's Affairs develop prosthetic limbs for our veterans. Custom manufacturing for each individual ensures a comfortable fit. 3D X-ray imaging helps the engineering team verifying all components are working as designed.

CT scan of prosthetic limb
Prosthetic leg

When you choose Delphi Precision Imaging to provide CT scanning and NDT services for your industrial medical device inspection and data collection, you’ll receive personalized attention from our team of specialists. Our industrial CT scanning deliverables include a library of images dissecting different perspectives of the device’s interior components, an AVI movie of the images, stills with movie generation capability, and software enabling you to manipulate a 3D model of your device.  

Have questions about our computed medical device testing services? Contact us here on our site or call 425-497-9729. 

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