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Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Industrial CT / Micro CT Services

Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) is a powerful tool for ensuring quality in aerospace & space parts, conducting failure investigations and troubleshooting during new part development. Industrial CT may be used across a wide variety of materials and methods within the aerospace industry, such as investment castings, additive manufacturing, and carbon fiber composites. 

Delphi Precision Engineering is a leader in non-destructive testing in the aerospace industry. CT scanning is ideal for aerospace NDT because it ensures individual safety.  Like other NDT techniques, CT scanning ensures the component is intact upon testing completion and detects flaws/defects that may not be detected during destructive testing. 

Aviation Connector

Industrial 3D CT is a non-destructive method of inspecting high-performance, harsh environment connectors. Inspect pin positions & mating on multi-pin connectors, check for wire nicking and fraying, examine crimp joint integrity, inspect wire insertion position, detect foreign object debris (FOD) and check insulation integrity & position.

xray inspection of high performance connector
Pressure Sensor NDT

CT scan of a 6-inch pressure transducer. Our industrial CT system can penetrate dense materials and allows our aerospace customers to inspect the internal components of a precision part without disrupting or destroying evidence.

What Makes Delphi Different? 

At Delphi Precision Imaging, we use North Star Imaging’s X-5000 to provide 2D digital radiography and 3D computed tomography aerospace NDT services. The real difference in the accuracy and analysis of your results depends on the company you work with. What makes Delphi Precision Imaging different from other aerospace NDT companies is the personalized attention you receive. You’ll work one-on-one with our precision imaging specialists to gain precise data about your component. 

Our focus on providing you with personalized imaging services makes Delphi Precision Imaging a leading aerospace NDT company.

non-destructive view inside an aerospace sensor using CT scanning and x-ray
CT scan showing electronic and mechanical details of the pressure sensor transducer
UW Solid Sulfur Thruster
Solid Sulfur Thruster

CT scan of a CubeSat thruster with the sulfur propellant puck virtually isolated and internal porosity highlighted. 

Porosity is mapped by void size. Industrial CT allows the aerospace companies and firms we partner with to inspect the internal components of a precision part without disruption. 

The HuskySat was on NG-12 which launched on November 2, 2019. The internals were switched out for the flight boards, but the external shell is the one Delphi imaged. More details on the launch can be found on NASA's site here.

CT Scan of a CubeSat thruster with the sulfur propellent puck virtally isolated.
Porosity analysis of sulfer propelent puck on the UW cubesat.
Internal porosity of a sulfur propellent puck is mapped using Volume Graphics software.
Boom Deployer

This boom deployer extends and retracts a CubeSat component with high precision. The CT scan shows internal details of deployment mechanism and coiled composite slit-tube. Our CT scan software can isolate high density metallic components in 3D space.

CT scan of a ROCCOR boom deployer allows us to digitally isolate high density components.
ROCCOR boom deployer
CT scan of a ROCCOR boom deployer that has been digitally sectioned.
Relay Including Coil

High performance relays must operate under extremely rigorous environments in military and aerospace applications. Inspecting relays using industrial CT allows customers to verify the quality of their products. 

inside view of relay using CT
high performance relay
Solenoid Valve

Segmentation can be attained using advanced analysis software (Volume Graphics). Our engineers can post-process CT scan data and isolate individual components of complex assemblies based on density, surface determination and gray scale boundaries.

Read more details in our segmentation blog.

CT scan slice of solenoid valve
CT scan slice showing internal segmentation of solenoid
solenoid valve CT scan with component segmentation

Turbine Nozzle Inspection

CT scan used to inspect the liner in a turbine nozzle.  Note there is FOD in a liner coolant hole, near the tip of the leading edge.

CT scan slice shows insides of turbine nozzle
image of a turbine nozzle
Desiccant Material

Desiccant materials are widely used in the aerospace industry.  A typical dessicant of silica gel spheres is shown below.  Details of particle size and distribution in the cannister can be quantified, as well as the details of the seals and mechanical features of the container.

CT scan image of a device containing desiccant material and the composition and distribution of the material.
CT scan slice of desiccant material and shows a cut plane of the 3D model
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