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Micro CT Services

What is Micro CT?

Micro CT is a term used in the CT scanning industry to identify Computed Tomography (CT) systems that have a resolution relevant to the micron scale length. This differentiates from a CT scan system that may have resolution on the order of 100s of microns or millimeters.  A Nano CT system, similarly, has a resolution below about 1 micron.

What is Industrial CT Scanning?

Industrial CT scanning is an x-ray method used to capture the external and internal details of an object in 3D space. Industrial CT scanning can be used on a variety of metals, materials, welds, bonds and sub-components of an object. Typical deliverables of an industrial CT scan are X, Y, Z slices of the object at specified intervals, as well an executable model of the object which can be sliced in any direction and the contrast histogram manipulated to highlight various materials. More information on Industrial CT can be found here.

Micro CT is used to inspect additively manufactured parts for residual powder and internal features.

porosity, trapped powder and misprint layer

Micro CT allows our aerospace customers to inspect the internal components of a precision part without disrupting or destroying evidence.

post shock and vibe ct scan of electrical relay

Internal crack detection and porosity analysis for castings. Weld penetration and quality of solders.

visualize and measure internal cracks in castings

Inspect composite lamination layers looking for imperfections such as voids, cracks, pinched fiber layers and delamination.

internal pinched layers in composite bike frame

Micro-CT Services​ (Computed Tomography)

Micro-CT compiles digital x-rays into to a 3-dimensional volume of your actual part, resolving internal structures that you can slice and measure - without damaging your part! 

Internal Structure Imaging - Micro CT scanning  non-destructively images all the internal structures of your part.  

Dimensional Inspection - 3D X-ray inspection allows you to measure both internal and external dimensions and perform CAD-to-part comparisons.

User-Friendly Deliverables - From rapid prototyping, to tolerance verification, to failure analysis - Micro-CT provides powerful insight on all the internal and external elements of your part.

Save time and money by quickly identifying opens, bridging, cracked connection and voiding issues.

failure analysis imaging of electrical cable

Visualize and inspect internal features of a part without disassembly, thus eliminating the risk of damaging the part.

jelly roll of a battery for forensic engineers

As engineers strive to meet the high quality standards, internal details of intricate devices can be inspected non-destructively with 3D x-ray results.

ct scan of pacemaker

Modern day engineers use Micro CT to non-destructively inspect new products throughout the design and development stages.

motion camera ct scan lets you look at internal components
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