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2D X-Ray Imaging

X-Ray image of a valve assembly

2D Digital Radiography - Solenoid Valve

(DR or 2D X-Ray)

High Volume - Go/No-Go Checks of Hundreds of Units is No Problem 

Just need to verify that a component or part in an assembly is where and what it is supposed to be?  Then use us for 2D x-ray.  We offer substantial volume discounts for our digital radiographic imaging services because we will set up a short-term automation to move your parts through quickly.

Sometimes 2D X-Ray is good enough, and sometimes its not.

Not all problems need CT scanning, sometimes industrial digital radiography (DR) is the only industrial digital precision imaging service you need.   We price X-Ray services at a per unit price with a specific number of views, and we will firm quote so you know exactly what you are getting - and for how much.

Casting - 2D / DR Image

Casting - 3D / CT Image

2D / DR Image - Casting

3D / CT Image - Casting

2D x-ray image of a small engine casting
3D CT scan of a casting shows porosity

2D / DR Image - Valve Assembly

3D / CT Image - Valve Assembly

X-ray image of a valve
CT scan of a valve casting showing 3-dimensional internal details.

2D / DR Image - Electronic Assembly

3D / CT Image - Electronic Assembly

X-ray image of failed battery pack
CT scan of an electronic battery pack

2D X-Ray Typical Deliverables

Deliverables for 2D X-Ray customers vary based on their needs.  Examples include:

  • Customer-defined images, for example 0 and 90 degree shots of a particular solder connection on hundreds of parts

  • Post-Processing with or without filters, to make deviations stand out as needed

  • Pricing by the hour, by the unit, by the image, or however you wish to negotiate it - up front and honestly.

3D / CT Scan Deliverables

Our standard CT scan deliverables provide customers with the following:

  • Executable program that allows you to slice in any plane at any depth on the part imaged, and adjust the contrast and brightness. 

  • A library of digital image slices through the X, Y, and Z planes at increments of the scan resolution.

  • .AVI movies that scroll through the part in each of the X, Y & Z orthogonal planes.

  • Data is return shipped to the customer on a portable thumb drive or uploaded to the Customer’s secure FTP site.

  • Data review with you and your team (via the web) where we take you through the part as well as show how you use executable program.

  • We have an EFX Help Guide that is also included with your data deliverables.

Interested in seeing what our industrial digital precision imaging services can do for you? Want to learn more about the differences between our 2D industrial digital radiographic imaging and 3D CT scanning services? Request a quote here or contact us at 425-497-9729. 

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