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Product Development

Reduce Costs and Accelerate Production with Micro-CT

Cost-effective engineers use Industrial CT to non-destructively inspect new products throughout the design and development stages. Failure investigations, part-to-part comparisons, internal measurements, solder/weld quality control - no disassembly required with results down to the micron level.

View more details on our product development blog here.

Action Camera

View critical hidden interfaces. Industrial CT Scanning reveals every aspect of a component both internally and externally. The image below is a CT scan of a fully assembled camera.

CT scan of PCB in assembled camera
CT scan of fully assembled camera
Smart Phone

Isolate and magnify internal details. Compact, highly populated electronics can be inspected, virtually slicing in any direction.

Our EFX deliverables allow you to zoom in to see fine components such as the connector pins.
This is a single image slice from a CT scan of a smart phone.
Cable Harness

Examine connection quality. Inspection of complete assembly and individual wire conductors, bundles, insulation, shielding, joints and connectors. Identify breaks, shorts, solder voids, and inclusions. Supporting failure analysis, 1st article inspection and vendor qualification.

CT scan of cable assembly showing internal details using x-ray technology
Cable assembly with unknown failure.
Wrist Watch

Detect counterfeit or copied designs. This is an example of a fully assembled watch, virtually sliced. Individual micro springs and gears are visible.

Single slice image of a CT scan of a watch with rough dimensions captured using our EFX software deliverables.
CT slice of wrist watch with colorization highlighting density differences
Complex Assembly

View internally from any angle or slice plane. Examine complex fully assembled parts, virtually slicing through layers and inspecting/measuring the internal electronics, mechanical components and fitment without disturbing or destroying the part.

Zoom in to see fine components
CT scan of digital camera
Battery Charger

Detect an open current. Industrial CT Scanning reveals every aspect of a component both internally and externally. This CT scan shows an open circuit as viewed in the right image below.

CT scan of an open circuit
Battery charger
Solenoid Valve

Segmentation can be attained using advanced analysis software (Volume Graphics). Our engineers can post-process CT scan data and isolate individual components of complex assemblies based on density, surface determination and gray scale boundaries.

Read more details in our segmentation blog.

X,Y,Z and 3D model segmentation for reverse engineering
CT slice of a complete assembly
Volume Graphics segmentation isolates individual components of an assembly
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