Battery Inspection with Micro-CT

Battery CT scanning / Micro-CT inspection for R&D, quality, product development and failure investigations

Computed Tomography (CT scanning), often referred to as Micro-CT or 3D X-ray are key to understanding the jelly roll of traditional batteries and the internal details of new designs. This technology allows designers, engineers and investigators to inspect internal features of the cathode and anodes without disassembly.

Damaged 18650 Battery

Micro-CT inspection of this 18650 battery provides X, Y & Z views of the internal details of the jelly roll, allowing our customers to more easily identify defective units.

Hi Discharge Li-Po Battery

Once a battery has been CT scanned and a digital 3D model has been created, the images can be viewed on a computer monitor, digitally rotated for various viewing angles, sliced to form section planes and filtered to remove obstructive content.

CT scan x-ray cross section of a damaged cathode and anode  battery.  This is a Li Po Battery
Lithium Ion Battery
Photo of Battery IMG_3731 200x294,72dpi.

CT scanning batteries can help identify irregularities between the anode and the cathode within the "jelly roll.  In addition, it allows investigators to inspect burnt remains after a fire, helping find the root cause of the fire.

CT scan of battery jelly roll showing anode an cathode conductors and gap
CT scan of lithium ion battery showing cross section of the anode and cathode
HG2 Battery

Our standard CT scan deliverables include dimensioning tools that allow you to drop measurements in 2D slices as you need.

This image is a digital slice of an HG2 Battery using our CT scan EFX software.
Dimensioning tools in the EFX software allow you to drop measurements in the 2D slices as needed.
Laptop Battery Pack
CT scan of a laptop battery set
CT scan of laptop battery with the histogram adjusted to highlight high density components
Rechargeable Battery
B&D Rechargeable Battery.jpg
Rechargeable battery that was CT scannd and has been digitally sliced open using EFX software that we deliver with all CT scans.
Button Battery

Our executable software that we deliver with all CT scans allows you to slice in any plane at any depth on the part imaged.

 CT scan cross section of a butto battery showing details of anode and cathode
The CT imaging we deliver lets you digitally slice open the button battery in any plane at any depth.
Action Camera Battery
Action Battery.jpg
Jelly roll of action camera battery as seen with Micro CT services provided by Delphi Precision Imaging