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About Our Management Team

This is the X5000 CT scan system at Delphi Precision Imaging

Delphi Precision Imaging was established in 2015 with the goal of providing excellent CT and x-ray imaging to solve real-world problems for customers at a reasonable price. We provide high quality data deliverables with a fast turn.  ​

Management at Delphi are here to help you:

Blake Chenevert is a former chief engineer at a major space propulsion company, where CT technology was used for investigations and product verification.  Blake is a trained operator of the CT systems owned by Delphi and participates in sales and technical support.

Daniel Bone comes from an entrepreneurial background with broad experience in high tech industry start-ups. Daniel is a trained operator of the CT systems at Delphi, and participates in sales, technical support and IT management.

Jean Chenevert, Business Manager, has a business degree from the University of Washington and has held management positions in multiple companies throughout her career.

David Bone, Project Engineering, is an expert at Volume Graphics and Solidworks, with experience in design and analysis, IT, and CAD instruction.  David performs quantitative analysis of CT results and is the lead of integration of new analyses platforms.

The leadership team has a proven track record of providing user-friendly technical results, for one-off parts as well as high volume productions.  When you call our phone, it will be answered by a teammate who is ready to help.

Our team will be happy to speak with you and
help address your technical challenges!

Delphi Precision Imaging

​8441 154th Ave NE, Suite 120

Redmond, WA 98052  USA


Phone:  +1.425.497.9729


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We do not share your contact information with any 3rd parties

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