Electronic Component Failure Analysis

Industrial CT for Electronics

Industrial CT is a powerful inspection method for printed circuit board (PCB) and electrical component failures. Our electronic component failure analysis services involve inspecting an entire board/assembly or individual component down to single digit micron resolution in small areas such as ball grid arrays (BGA) and IC bond wires. Save time and money by quickly identifying opens, bridging, cracks connection and voiding issues with our electronic CT scans! 

Cable Assembly

Inspection of complete assembly and individual wire conductors, bundles, insulation, shielding, joints and connectors. Segmentation of the high density internal components identifies breaks, shorts, solder voids, and inclusions. Supporting failure analysisand vendor qualification.

After CT scanning the cable, we can perform segmentation of high density components.
Battery Pack

Identify failure causes by inspecting the complete assembly & components for failure.  Examine component solder joint connections, battery connections, jelly roll, ground planes.  Resulting electronic CT scan can identify issues with connector mounted to PCB. 

CT scan of battery charger shows open circuit
Failed battery charger

Evaluate PCB quality by visualizing each layer individually, board cross section and components. Find board shorts, trace/via connection issues, layout, etching and delamination issues. Inspect populated components, opens, shorts/bridges, solder quality/voiding. Our electronic component failure analysis testing and imaging also allow us to reverse engineer boards when CAD files are lost.

2D slice of the CT scan of the PCB.
CT scan of a printed circuite board results in a 3D digital model that can be inspected non-destuctively.
Ball Grid Array (BGA) Inspection

Industrial CT of a ball grid array (BGA) for voiding, missing balls, bridging, poor reflow. Isolate and examine balls from any orientation down to single digit micron resolution.

Isolation of BGA showing voids
CT slice of Ball Grid Array on computer chip
Digital Camera - Industrial CT

Digital Camera Electronic CT Scan provides our customers the ability to examine the fully assembled part.  Virtually slice through layers of their product and inspect/measure the internal electronics, mechanical components and fitment without disturbing or destroying their part.

Zoom in with CT to see fine components
CT of digital camera