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Automotive X-ray Inspection

Non-destructively image the internal structures of automotive parts and assemblies using 3D X-ray CT

Industrial CT is used to non-destructively inspect new products throughout the design and development stages. Failure investigations, part-to-part comparisons, internal measurements, solder/weld quality control - no disassembly required with results down to the 10 micron level.

Fuel Injector

View critical hidden interfaces using 3D x-ray. Industrial CT Scanning reveals every aspect of a component both internally and externally without destroying the part. The video below shows the CT scan results for a fuel injector.

Solenoid Valve

Segmentation can be attained using advanced analysis software (Volume Graphics). Our engineers can post-process CT scan data and isolate individual components of complex assemblies based on density, surface determination and gray scale boundaries.

Read more details in our segmentation blog.

X,Y,Z and 3D model segmentation for reverse engineering
CT slice of a complete assembly
Volume Graphics segmentation isolates individual components of an assembly
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