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Forensic Investigations

Products involved in Fire and Explosions or Failure Investigations start with a Forensic CT scan

Computed Tomography (CT) has become a mainstream tool for forensic investigations. This nondestructive method allows Forensic Engineers to  visualize and inspect internal features of a part (such as a battery) without disassembly, thus eliminating the risk of altering the suspected issue/failure or damaging the part.

Lithium Ion Battery

CT scanning batteries can help identify irregularities in the "jelly roll".  In addition, it allows investigators to inspect burnt remains after a fire, helping to get to the root cause of the fire. Click here to go to our Battery page.

CT image of battery jelly roll
photo of lithium ion battery
Vehicle Airbag

Thousands of product recalls happen every year. A major product recall that recently made headlines was for vehicle airbags. X-ray imaging has been a leading technology used to complete inspection and screening of these airbags.

CT scan of vehicle airbag for failure analysis
CT scan slice showing inside of vehicle airbag
Solenoid Valve

Segmentation can be attained using advanced analysis software (Volume Graphics). Our engineers can post-process CT scan data and isolate individual components of complex assemblies based on density, surface determination and gray scale boundaries.

Read more details in our segmentation blog.

CT scan of solenoid valve with segmentation of internal components
CT scan slice of solenoid valve
CT scan slice of solenoid valve with segmentation
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