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Composites Inspection

Composite Inspection

NDT with Micro CT Technology

Industrial CT scanning of composite products allows our customers to inspect composite lamination layers looking for imperfections such as voids, cracks, pinched fiber layers and delamination. Learn more about advanced analysis for composites.

RC Model Helicopter Blade Composite Case Study
Advanced Analysis
Quantifying Porosity

This is a model helicopter blade with an internal structure for stiffening. The blade is non-destructively CT scanned and then can be digitally sectioned and isolated for analysis.

Using Volume Graphics, porosity is mapped in X, Y & Z space and each void is categorized for volume and major dimensions. "Hot Spot" mapping shows regions of porosity variations.

RC model helicopter blade
Composites Volume Graphics
Composites Volume Graphics porosity
Composite Bridge

This is a composite bridge from a student design competition. Details of the layers are visible as well as delamination from its testing to failure.

Composite bridge scan showing layers and delamination
Composite bridge scan
Carbon Fiber Composite Bike

This is a CT scan of a carbon fiber bicycle frame which sustained damage in a significant accident. Failure details between the weave layers can be seen as well as resin voids.

CT scan showing carbon fiber weave failure an resin voids
CT scan of damaged carbon fiber bicycle frame

Composite Bike Bottom Bracket

This CT scan shows a cut away of a fully functional and whole bottom bracket. High density inclusions are brighter points in the image. The cut-away view shows the actual layers, details and voids, non-destructively.

Cut-away showing layer, details and voids, non-destructively
CT scan showing high density inclusions
Carbon Fiber Baseball Bat

Industrial CT scanning of composite carbon fiber baseball bat to show potential stress related defects, lamination layers and voids. Industrial CT provides detailed inspection of first article samples allowing engineers to adjust their manufacturing process before mass producing. The image on the right is the plastic cap interfaced with the composite barrel.

Plastic baseball cap interfaced with the composite barel
CT scan of carbon fiber baseball bat with potential defects, lamination layers and voids
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