End Failure Investigations


Non-Destructive Internal Inspection

Our advanced digital CT system is a powerful product failure analysis tool, providing 3D x-ray imagery.  Executable software is provided to the customer to manipulate a 3D model of their part, including generation of slice planes, dimension indicators, and density isolation. After we finish our failure analysis imaging, we provide you with a library of X, Y & Z slices through the whole volume of the part, an AVI movie of those slices, still images with movie generation capability, and executable software allowing you to manipulate a 3D model of the object.

Identify Internal Defects

Failure analysis imaging finds internal flaws such as broken circuits, cracks, voids, shrinkage and inclusions in a variety of materials, including electronics, components, composites, metals and plastic. 

Determine Root Cause Quickly 

Industrial CT provides powerful insights for product failure analysis reports on all the internal and external elements of your part from failure analysis, to rapid prototyping, to tolerance verification.

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internal details 
Engine cylinder casting with internal cracks and porosity.
Detail of internal crack,
in Y-plane slice of CT results
Fatigue crack shown in the Y-plane using CT failure analysis imaging

•  Detect cracking, voids, shrinkage and inclusions.
•  Electronic component failures including opens, shorts and PCB delaminations.
•  Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection.

​•  Production and small-lot verification.

•  Weld porosity, penetration, inclusions and voids.

•  Part-to-CAD comparisons, post-vibe and post-shock imaging.

•  Analyze a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, carbon fiber, composites, electrical components and mixed materials.

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Failure Analysis


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