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End Failure Investigations Quickly

Industrial CT Scan (Computed Tomography)

Internal Structure Imaging

Industrial CT scanning is one of the only ways to nondestructively visualize all the internal structures of your part.  

Dimensional Inspection

3D inspection allows you to measure both internal and external dimensions and perform CAD-to-part comparisons.

Faster Feedback 

From rapid prototyping, to tolerance verification, to failure analysis 3D computed tomography provides powerful insight on all the internal and external elements of your part.

Why choose Delphi Precision Imaging

  • Nationwide Service

  • 24 Hour Quotes

  • 3 Day Turns

  • Expert Technicians

  • Cost Effective Insight

Industrial CT

Standard Deliverables

•  A library of X, Y & Z slices through the whole volume of the part.
•  An AVI movie of X, Y and Z slices, scrolling through the part.
•  Customer defined still images and movie generation capability.
•  Executable software for customer to manipulate a 3D model of their part.
•  30 Minute review of digital 3D model and in-depth exploration of interest areas.

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