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X-Ray Inspection Services

This is a 2-dimensional x-ray image of a small engine casting


Digital radiography is an
efficient method to quickly inspect your parts. 

This is a 3-dimensonal image of a small engine casting captured during the CT scan process at Delphi Precision Imaging.


A complete 3 dimensional data set lets you visualy inspect the internal features of your part. 

This is a porosity analysis of a small engine casting captured by using Volume Graphics software to process the CT scan data.


Advanced data capture and reporting for porosity analysis, part-to-CAD and more.

If you’re considering Delphi Precision Imaging’s X-ray & CT inspection services for businesses and engineering firms, it’s important to differentiate between the different imaging services. Our 2D X-Ray inspection services provide you with a flat image that looks at the overall structure of the scanned object. Our 3D X-Ray and CT scanning services provide a more refined look at the scanned object’s interior make-up through a series of cross-sectional images that give an isolated view of individual parts of an object’s anatomy. Both services provide excellent tools for non-destructive testing, so choosing between them depends on the information you’re looking for. 

In addition to our CT scanning services for engineering and industrial firms, Delphi Precision Imaging also offers several industrial metrology services. We provide a range of testing and data analysis, including porosity analysis, reverse engineering, part-to-CAD inspection, dimensional inspection, and more. The key benefits of our industrial metrology services are that they provide you with real-time answers to important questions such as, “Does my product/component have any internal defects” or “Are there any structural anomalies that will affect my product’s performance?” 

Discover the difference our precision imaging services can make for your business. Request a quote here or call 425-497-9729. 

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