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Industrial Computed Tomography Scanning


Delphi Precision Imaging is the premier provider of industrial computed tomography scanning (CT scanning). CT scans are

precision imaging services that combine the digital imaging power of a computer with X-ray technology. As a result, industrial computed tomography scanning gives you a closer look at the interior make-up of products and engineering components than a standard X-Ray can.

A CT scan provides multiple images that show “slices” of the object being scanned. The multiple cross-sectional images allow us to analyze and provide focused metrics on the scanned object, providing services such as failure analysis, reverse engineering, porosity analysis, and more. Our industrial computed tomography scanning technology makes Delphi a leader in non-destructive testing across several industries, including aerospace, electronics, forensics, composites, and more. Interested in our precision imaging services? Request a quote here or call 425-497-9729.

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Industrial CT Scanning


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