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3D X-ray Inspection Services

CT scan showing inside of aviation connector

CT Scan of an aviation connector

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Industrial CT Scanning & X-Ray Services

Delphi Precision Imaging uses advanced 3D x-ray technology to non-destructively inspect the internal structures of our customer's parts.

CT scanning (3D computed tomography) compiles digital x-rays into to a 3-dimensional volume of your actual part, resolving internal structures that you can slice and measure digitally, all without sectioning or damaging your part! 

Also known as Micro CT, 3D CT or XCT, our inspection services allow us to measure both internal and external dimensions and perform CAD-to-part comparisons for our customers.

From rapid prototyping, to tolerance verification, to failure analysis - 3D CT provides powerful insight on the internal and external details of our customer's parts, components and complex assemblies.

Industrial CT is used to inspect additively manufactured parts for residual powder and internal features.

Aluminum additive manufactured part is CT scanned and analyzed for porosity, trapped powder and misprint layers.

Industrial CT allows our aerospace customers to inspect the internal components of a precision part without disrupting or destroying evidence.

post shock and vibe ct scan of electrical relay

Internal crack detection and porosity analysis for castings. Weld penetration and quality of solders.

visualize and measure internal cracks in castings

Inspect composite lamination layers looking for imperfections such as voids, cracks, pinched fiber layers and delamination.

internal pinched layers in composite bike frame


Industrial CT Scan Services for Manufactured Parts


Delphi Precision Imaging is a service provider of high resolution 3D x-ray / industrial computed tomography (CT scanning).
3D CT scans combine the digital imaging power of a state of the art x-ray technology with modern day computer processing.
As a result, industrial computed tomography scanning gives you a closer look at the interior make-up
of assemblies and engineering components than a standard 2D x-ray can provide.

A 3D CT scan provides multiple images that show a series of “2D slices” of the object being scanned.
The multiple cross-sectional images allow us to analyze and provide focused metrics on the scanned object,
providing services such as failure analysis, reverse engineering, porosity analysis, and more.
Our industrial computed tomography scanning services makes Delphi a leader in non-destructive testing
across several industries, including aerospace, electronics, forensics, composites, and more.

Interested in our 3D x-ray inspection services? Request a quote here or call us to talk about your project at 425-497-9729

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What Our Customers Say

Blue Surface

Program Manager
from an Aerospace

Manufacturing Company

"Our program is going to
ship on time.  
We wouldn’t

have made it if not for

Delphi’s contribution."

Blue Surface

Mechanical Engineer
from an Energy Technology Company

"These images give us great confidence that our

assembling procedure

does work as intended."

Blue Surface

Supply Chain Engineer

from a Medical Device Manufacturer

"The CT scanning was incredibly helpful and we have been able to push our  supplier to make some improvements based on the results."

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