y-axis slice


z-axis slice

Once a part has been scanned and a 3D model has been created, the images can be viewed on a computer monitor, digitally rotated for various viewing angles, sliced to form section planes and filtered to remove obstructive content. Color may also be added for visualization enhancement.

The entire 3D inspection may also be recorded in an .AVI movie format for viewing by the end user. All CT customers receive the following deliverables on a portable thumb drive:

  1. A library of X, Y & Z slices through the whole volume of the part, with each image one pixel deep
  2. AVI movie of X, Y and Z slices, scrolling through the part
  3. Customer defined still images and movie generation capability
  4. Executable software for customer to manipulate a 3D model of their part, including generation of slice planes, dimension indicators, and density isolation.

Delphi Precision Imaging industrial CT 3D X-Ray Services


.avi movie from all x, y & z slices

x-axis slice


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