Our X-5000, built by North Star Imaging, is a multi-axis, high resolution digital x-ray system providing advanced real-time industrial digital radiography (DR), and industrial 3D computed tomography (CT) imagery in multiple formats.

Our system has both a 225kV and 450kV tube to accommodate a variety of item shapes, sizes, weights and materials while integrating the most powerful industrial CT reconstruction and visualization software available in the industrial x-ray inspection market.

Our system accommodates large items up to 200 lbs, ~3 cubic feet as well as small items down to grams and includes:

- 450kV tube - 400 micron and 1mm dual focal spots

- 225kV microfocus tube - focal spot to under 6 microns

- 16" x 16" Perkins Elmer Detector - with 200 micron pixel pitch

- VorteX software/hardware – fine details of large items, up to 48” tall

- MosaiX – seamless high resolution of wide parts

- SubpiX – enhanced resolution of fine/complex parts

system capabilities