Inspect for Internal Defects - Find internal flaws, inspect ball grid arrays (BGA inspection), measure geometric tolerances, verify weld integrity and casting porosity. ​

Get Real Time Answers - Our digital inspection process lets you see your part in real time and get answers to failure investigations quickly.

Faster Feedback - Provides powerful insight on all the internal and external elements of your part from failure analysis, to rapid prototyping, to tolerance verification. Learn more about Industrial 3D Computed Tomography.

X-Ray and CT Scan Benefits

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NDT Radiography

Each project is different! Call 425-497-9729, or use our request form and we will connect you with one of our expert technicians who will discuss your project in more detail. 

Want to know if Non-Destructive X-Ray and CT Scanning is right for you? 

​•  Verify quality and measure internal components.
 Real time imaging. 
•  Carbon fiber strand analysis.
•  Detect cracking, voids, shrinkage and inclusions.

​•  Production and small-lot verification.

•  View Weld porosity, penetration and slag inclusion.

•  Part-to-CAD comparisons.

•  Analyze a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, carbon fiber, composites, electrical components and more.