Advanced Analysis

Porosity Analysis

Advanced Analysis Services
for Computed Tomography

In addition to our CT scan services, Delphi Precision Imaging provides in-house Volume Graphics Analysis Services to help customers obtain quantitative data that improves the efficiency and speed of their production processes.

Part-to-CAD Comparison

CT scan data results are over-laid with the CAD model to create a color-coded 3D model showing discrepancies between the part and the CAD, internally and externally, helping customers determine if their part has been built as designed.

Parts that are subject to pre- and post-  stress. shock, vibe & heat treat testing can be CT scanned before and after. Using our part-to-part analysis, we overlay the CT scan data and detect and quantify resulting differences.

Advanced Porosity Analysis

Advanced porosity analysis software allows for both quantifying and identifying the precise locations of porosity of a variety of materials including castings, additive manufactured and plastic molded parts.


Detailed advanced porosity analysis reports provide the percentage and volumes of porosities or inclusions in an entire part or a designated area of interest such as threads, thin walls or critical stress points. 

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Reverse Engineering

Our advanced computed tomography scanning services greatly reduces the time needed to obtain the measurements required to build a CAD model on parts with complex surfaces. Industrial CT captures internal geometries that other methods, such as laser CMM cannot. 


  • Legacy Parts

  • Product Redesign

  • Lost CAD files

  • Antique auto parts, reproductions

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Dimensional Inspection

Obtain GD&T measurements for both internal and external features with Industrial CT in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Industrial CT also allows for obtaining data for complex internal features.


View the results in a color-coded 3D model, which quickly highlights nominal-to-actual as well as detailed GD&T reports. 

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Composites Analysis

Industrial CT is a powerful tool for non-destructive inspection and analysis of carbon fiber parts. CT allows for locating the exact axis and point of porosity, resin voids and delamination within complex geometries inside of carbon fiber and composite parts.


Advanced analysis tools at Delphi Precision Imaging make the measurement of fiber orientation and the quantification of porosity and voids with detailed reporting.


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